The Rogue Diaries

by Theatres in the Round

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released November 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Theatres in the Round Raleigh, North Carolina

Theatres in the Round was formed in January 2005. From there it was only a matter of months until their debut CD, "Why Should We Wait Any Longer?", was released. Soon after its release, Dennis did not hesitate to begin working on the follow-up. While "Why Should We Wait" focused on his softer side, Dennis really wanted to let out his harder edge. Less than 1 year later "Satiate" was released. ... more

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Track Name: The Gods Shook
Verse 1
The time has come, the work is done
And I summon, I call you all to me
While you cower, I raise my tower
Beware the hour, you give yourselves to me
All will suffer, you cannot muster
No time for cover, the time is drawing nearer
When all will fall, at the sound, the call
Cannot withdrawal, from the coming hour

See how they all fall, notice your heroes crawl
All that they mistook, (see how the gods shook)
They could not foresee, see how low they’d be
They could not have took, (see how the gods shook)

Verse 2
All of the world, with flags unfurled
And fists all curled, they all try to gather
All to no end, while they pretend
What they defend, has need of protection
I say let it die, no need to decry
Those who do defy, fight against separation
All different people, with a different steeple
Though all equal, all are against each other

Track Name: Words That Relay
Verse 1
The skies they look up and wake up in the morning.
The skies they look up and break up in the dead of night.
Oh, I know.
Skies they come and skies they go.
The morning sunlight it rises in your window.
The morning sunlight it rises to greet the day.
What’s that you say?
You know I told you anyway,
That there is no way you could resist the calling.
That there is no way that you
Could ignore
The rocks falling at your door.

Then you rise up to greet,
Your eyes rise up to meet me.
Still you don’t know quite what to say
How to convey,
Words to relay…to me.

Verse 2
So now its dawn and you’re lying awake in your bed.
Staring at the ceiling and pondering all those things I said
Now you’re wondering could it all have been real
Did he really mean it when he spoke those,
Words in, my ear
That I hold, so dear.
The morning sunlight it rises in your window
The morning sunlight it rises to kiss
Your face, in my place
Till I, come back and
Track Name: Just Like the Rest
Verse 1
You, you try to face me
You, you try to save me
Why, who said I need you
Why, who said I want to
‘Its on again’

Then you turn and fall
With your back against the wall
Then you try to find
A small place to hide
But you cant deny
Your problems multiply
And you will never see
What it means to be free
With your cowardice
You fall just like the rest

Verse 2
You, you try to find me
You, you try to lie to me
Why, do you interfere with me
Why, why can’t you let me be
‘Its on again’
Track Name: I Wish You Well
Verse 1
And if I said, ‘what would you say?’
And if I said, I’m in your way.
Would you leave, could you move on?
Would you leave, my life and be gone.

Chorus: d, em
I wish you well
I wish you hell

Verse 2
And if I said, did you believe?
And if I said, did you deceive?
Would you leave, leave me hangin?
Would you leave, leave me dangling?

I wish you well
I wish you hell

Verse 3
And if I said, you were the goal.
And if I said, you broke my soul.
Would you leave, would you not care?
Would you leave, while I stared?